Donald Trump is Officially the New Kris Jenner

It’s common pop culture knowledge that Kris Jenner is always in control of the media. She uses big life moments like Kylie’s baby, Kim and Pete dating, or rewriting KUWTK narratives to cover up for big mistakes like Kim telling women to “get off their ass and work” or the Travis Scott Astroworld incident.

The biggest climate bill any country has passed just got accepted by the House of Representatives on Aug. 13 but in true Kris Jenner fashion, the bill wasn’t the top story in Wall Street Journal – Donald Trump was. The FBI raided one of his houses and after returning back, found top secret government documents. It worked almost like clockwork that, as Biden went into his most monumental week in office as the legislation passed, Trump overshadowed it.

The climate legislation that passed takes the name of the Inflation Reduction Act, but the name doesn’t give too much insight into what the bill is actually working towards.

It’s a very complicated bill with lots of little details. Not many people understand the bill in its whole, there were multiple experts from different fields working together to form what it is now. There’s $700 billion to be allotted to energy security, climate change, and an extension of the Affordable Care Act.

There are some overarching goals in the new climate bill though that are the roots for every other detail in the bill. It aims to decrease greenhouse emissions, make climate change less of an issue for the American people, and to move the US into a country rich in the industrialization of green energy.

Decreasing greenhouse emissions means implementing things like electric cars, more wind, solar, and nuclear power to reduce its prices, more manufacturing of green energy in the US, and giving money to the citizens to implement the new green power stations in their homes.

The question is, if it’s the biggest bill on climate change, why is it named after inflation? According to the US Government, the act “will make a historic down payment on deficit reduction to fight inflation.” This means the government is hoping the tax revenue they get from the act will help decrease the $30 trillion debt the US has. The government also says they are hoping the bill will help to reduce inflation.

To discuss the validity of these two statements, though. The act goes into effect in early 2023 which means at this time the $700 billion will begin to be spent. However we won’t see any tax revenue money for 10 years, so sayeth the bill. By the time we get the revenue from taxes, we will no longer be struggling with the inflation currently happening. It’s always good to slowly chip away at paying debt, but the tax revenue will be just a small chisel marking in the sculpture of David that is the US debt. Spending all this money in our current economy also runs the risk of raising inflation, since it puts money into the economy instead of taking it out, something we previously talked about.

I’m not one to bad-mouth the act and the efforts the new administration is putting forth to clean up the environment for my generation and those to follow. However, I do think that knowing the economic effects to everything, even an environmental plan, is just as important as backing the environment. I also believe that oftentimes a mass movement of citizens can be more efficient than some of these billion-dollar government acts. It would be ignorant for me to say the government’s money going into helping citizens finance a new electric car, getting new transmission towers, and doing the heavy-duty work would not benefit the environment. However, there is no potentially large economic impact in taking shorter showers.

Taking short showers, along with carpooling, eating less meat, and other methods of reducing our carbon footprint have been taught to us since we were young. Reducing this carbon footprint is one of the main goals of the act, which won’t go into effect until 2023. However, I wonder how much change the people could make by choosing one tactic of reducing our personal footprint before the act even goes into affect. We oftentimes think we must wait for the people in power to be the change through a new act or law, but I wonder how many plastic bags I used unnecessarily in the time I waited for the House and Senate to pass a bill to clean up the environment?

So maybe the climate bill wasn’t the predominant news on Aug. 13, 2022, and once again we were royalty Krissed, but it doesn’t decrease the enormity of it. Whether you support cleaning up the environment or believe climate change is a hoax, you will see the effects of this bill very soon.

However I do believe that in the time we wait for the government to do the heavy lifting, and even once they start getting their deadlift reps in, the people have to do the small and meticulous work. I, for one, want my kids to be able to skip graduation to visit the Grand Canyon, road trip with their friends around Niagara Falls, and surf in the Pacific Ocean just like I did, which means it’s time to get to work.

Yours truly,


P.S. As for Trump, the FBI took about 20 boxes from his Mar-A-Lago residence, including “four sets of top secret documents, three sets of secret documents, and three sets of confidential documents” according to the Wall Street Journal.

Currently, Trump’s lawyers are arguing that Trump “declassified” the materials before he left often. Something that is in his power to do, but requires a specific federal process.


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