Emma Chamberlain Wore Cowboy Boots to Copenhagen Fashion Week

Some of my favorite books to read when I was in middle school were the Willow Falls series by Wendy Mass. They were a series of five books in which a group of teenagers in the small town of Willow Falls each took on their own coming-of-age stories, but did it all with the inclusion of a bit of magic.

There’s one thing these teenagers were very adamant about, a quote that arose multiple times in all five of the books – “There’s no coincidences in Willow Falls.” To this day, whenever something seems too perfect to be true I exclaim, “but there’s no coincidences in Willow Falls!” even though it is indeed a made-up place that I do not live in. One of these moments was when I messaged a general manager at a company I wanted to work for, saw she read it, and then got LinkedIn connection invitations from talent managers at the same company. “There’s no coincidences in Willow Falls” was out of my mouth before I even clicked accept.

So when I saw Emma Chamberlain and other various models wearing red cowboy boots at Copenhagen Fashion Week, you know it was the first thing I said.

If you’re confused as to why this is such a monumental fashion choice, I invite you to take a stroll farther into my thoughts and read: These (Cowboy) Boots Are Made For Walking. In the article, I tell the world about my plan to integrate cowboy boots into high-end fashion by Q3 2023.

Having Emma Chamberlain jump on the trend is a major win for the Gen-Z cowboy community. There are no girls under the age of 25 who are interested in fashion (or who aren’t) that do not at least know about Emma’s presence. 

I first became acutely aware of her my junior year of high school when my AP Psychology study-hall buddy, Genevieve, and I did not want to study, so she showed me Emma’s videos instead. I wasn’t a huge fan of her then, videos saturated with edits of her traveling to Las Vegas with the Sister Squad, but her new style of softer editing and methods of showing off the places she’s visiting has really spoken to me. Emma is someone I really enjoy watching, especially since her editing transition happened around the same time I became more interested in fashion. I am now proud to say I’m one of her 15.9M Instagram followers, a platform she uses to show off her latest photoshoots, outfits she’s proud of, or the occasional cat pic. This following is the reason why on Aug. 14th, a Vogue Magazine post came up on my feed showing Emma wearing the coveted shoes.

I’ve put a warning on this site before that when it comes to fashion sense, I am a mere bellwether. I have made it clear that cowboy boots could be the trend that sends us to the slaughterhouse, or one that makes us the firsts in a cool new fashion era. I’ve felt strongly since posting my cowboy boot aspirations that these shoes lean towards the good side of history and with Emma’s recent Vogue appearance in cowboy boots, well… there’s no coincidences in Willow Falls.

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  1. found you on the Emma subreddit! this was so fun ❤

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