Classroom Acquaintances [Diary Entry]

I’m finally getting to the point in my college career where friends and acquaintances and people important to my life are starting to graduate and leave. 

On Friday I had my Business Spanish final exam and said goodbye to two of the seniors in that class who I was never friends with but enjoyed struggling through the 4000-level class with. Those were the kind of friendships I missed the most throughout COVID and Madrid, the bonds formed between classmates.

When we said goodbye we all knew there was a great probability that we would never see each other again, but we also couldn’t get overly emotional about it, I didn’t even know these people’s last names!

We wished each other good luck on finals and our eyes lingered a bit longer than normal wanting to say something else but “have a good life” seemed a bit too ominous and there wasn’t really anything else I could think to say. All of our interactions and conversations throughout the semester had been about Business Spanish, and we had just turned in the final exam, and now there were no more homework assignments to complain about or tests to study together for, just the realization that these people were just temporary players in my permanent existence.

Yours truly,


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