Three Best Thrift Stores in Madrid

When I packed for Madrid I did so with one thing in mind: bringing home clothes. I went with half of my suitcase empty just to have room for new clothes. This proved to be a bit of a problem though, as I quickly found a majority of the thrift stores only carried men’s clothes. Whether it be because the women mostly wear fast fashion and therefore it doesn’t stay together long enough to donate or because of the slightly misogynistic culture, it was starting to become a problem when I realized I only had two pairs of shorts. So I got it together, and slowly developed a list of my favorites. As I start to pack up my things to leave and reminisce on my purchases over the past five months, I’ve decided it’s finally time to spill all my secrets.

  1. Humana

Humana is a Madrid staple and I would be a Spain Thrifter Phoney for not mentioning it. Although hit or miss, Humana has some of the best prices. Once, I got five things for only $3 because the cashier didn’t want to scan my clothes. They have dozens of locations, and many opportunities to find something worthwhile. Their clothes are mostly staple items and nothing too unique, but you could always come across something surprising. While I’ve mostly used Humana to get blue jeans and warmer jackets for winter, I’ve also found a red vest with hand-sewn designs on it. If you’re in a patient mood, Humana will be good to you.

Just make sure you don’t go during the weekends, or you’ll experience way too many abuelas pushing you out of the way when they eye something good.

  1. Coco’s Couch

In Madrid, there is a far-reaching market of “vintage shops”. In my opinion, they generally carried clothes you could find at a thrift store for $5, but since it has the ‘vintage’ title instead of ‘thrift’, stores are able to charge much more. I didn’t like Coco’s Couch when I first entered for this reason. Five months later though, I admit that you would not be able to find clothes like this anywhere else.

I’m a big Y2K gal, and Coco’s Couch gives me everything I need to fuel this love. Their clothes are always unique and separated by decades. There are sunglasses, rings, necklaces, and trinkets lining the walls. Entering feels more like walking into an interior designer’s bedroom than a clothing store.

I have purchased some of my new favorite clothes here that I don’t think I would have found elsewhere. A jean corset, personalized beige overalls, a sheer orange top – all clothes I get complimented on every time I wear them.

  1. Store Solidarity Butterfly Skin

Orange is the New Black and solidarity shops are the new thrift stores.

Butterfly Skin has been my best-kept secret throughout my time in Madrid. Every time I entered, I found exactly what I needed at ⅕ of the price I expected. Winter coats, name-brand boots, jeans that fit perfectly, and even bags, scarves, and earrings. The store is small, but even when I would return only five days after my previous visit, it seemed as though the entire store was different. The only thing that makes it better is the staff. Always friendly, smiling, and making sure to tell you to enjoy your purchase.

Yours truly,



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