Rachel Green Spinoff- Series Outline

A project that I completed for my Scriptwriting class last semester, translated to English. A spinoff from one of the characters from ‘Friends’, drama genre, six episodes.

It’s 2016 and the show follows Rachel Green (47) and her daughter, Emma (14, freshman in high school). Rachel got her job back at Ralph Lauren after deciding not to work for Louis Vuitton in Paris, and is working in the corporate office in New York City.

Ross and Rachel stayed together, but lived separately. Since Rachel’s job was very important and took a lot of hours out of the day, Ross took care of Emma the most.

Episode 1:

We learn that Ross was given the opportunity at work to go on an exhibition in another country for a few months. It’s an incredible career opportunity, so he decides to take it despite Rachel’s anger.

Arguments arise, but Ross is content on leaving. He speaks with Emma about having to leave, and she understands but is upset that the parent she is closest to is leaving.

Ross packs up his things and is angry that Rachel cannot see how big of an opportunity this is. Rachel is mad that she stayed home from Paris to be with Ross, but he won’t reciprocate the favor.

Throughout the first episode, we see Rachel and Emma getting into petty arguments, and Rachel having to field lots of work calls during very important moments, like seeing Ross off at the airport.

When Rachel and Emma get home from the airport it’s very early in the morning before school and work. Rachel and Emma get into a big fight, and Emma storms out to school. 

The episode ends after Emma leaves, and Rachel is shown alone in the apartment, upset, clearly not knowing what to do.

Episode 2:

The episode opens with Rachel at an office for work, the colors and office are drab and she doesn’t look happy. It is the morning, and she is talking with a colleague friend while getting coffee about her struggles with Ross.

Throughout the day there are mundane shots of Rachel doing repetitive work, spacing out during meetings, and colleagues having to ask for her attention and arguing with her supervisors. She is clearly not enjoying the job.

In a parallel storyline, Emma is upset at school. She is lashing out against a teacher and another student which in turn gets her sent to the principal’s office, who insists on calling Rachel to take Emma home for the day. We see Rachel’s phone ringing, but she is too busy with meetings at work to notice her phone is back at her desk, ringing.

Since the principal cannot get a hold of Rachel and Ross is out of the country, she must call the emergency contact, Monica Gueller. Monica picks Emma up from school and takes her back to Rachel’s apartment, talking to Emma about the problems she’s having.

When Monica arrives in the apartment, she sees how much of a mess the guest bedroom is. Emma explains that since Rachel is an important employee in the fashion industry, she regularly gets sent clothes and accessories but never does anything with them. Monica wants to clean the mess.

Rachel returns home to find Monica and Emma, and Monica tells Rachel she has to get her act together with Emma. Rachel doesn’t know how, since work takes up so much of her time and complains about her higher-ups. Monica also tells Rachel that she has to clean up all the clothes around the house and sell them or give them away to charity.

The next morning at work, Rachel is reading a fashion magazine while waiting for a meeting with her boss. She reads an article about a young girl who is making a lot of money off of reselling clothes, and she remembers Monica’s comment. Inside the office, Rachel’s boss tells Rachel she is slacking and cannot be this distant at work. Rachel spends most of her time on the job and is upset that her boss cannot see how hard she works, so with the new business venture in mind, she quits and goes home. 

Episode 3:

The episode opens the same day Rachel quit her job, but she is now back home in workout clothes taking inventory of all her clothes. Rachel is attempting to open up an eBay profile but cannot figure out how to work the computer to do so. The inability to complete the simple task, realizing that Ross has left her, and she just quit her stable job comes crashing down on her. Rachel has a major breakdown in the living room.

Emma was suspended from school for a day, and exited her bedroom in time to see Rachel very upset. Although Emma is mad at her, Rachel is still her mother and she goes to help her. Emma easily opens the account for her, and offers to invite some of her friends over when school ends to model for her.

Later, a group of teenage girls are shown trying on all the clothes and taking photos of each other to sell online. Emma and Rachel are having a good time, and Rachel is trying hard to be a ‘cool mom’. There is a short clip of Emma’s best friend taking off a dress and slipping it into a bag, before the scene continues.

The episode ends with the living room trashed with clothes, and just Emma and Rachel on the couch, eating take out, laughing about the day. In the middle of them recounting the events, there is a ding from Rachel’s computer. She opens it up to see she just got her first purchase on the online store.

Episode 4:

A week has passed, and Rachel’s store has become steady. She has all of her clothes up, is shopping for new ones and going through her closet. She even decides to sell some of Ross’s clothes, and has a few recurring customers. Rachel is seen packaging and sending out orders.

One day when Emma is at school, the old coworker friend of Rachel’s comes knocking on the door, upset. She did not have Rachel’s number, but got her address off of her last paycheck that is still at the office. She tells Rachel that Ralph Lauren has been trying to get ahold of her, because Rachel listed a custom one-of-a-kind dress on her eBay site that was Ralph Lauren’s. It turns out Rachel took the dress home from a photoshoot to wear to an event, and forgot to bring it back. It’s the same dress Emma’s friend slipped into her bag.

The notices from Ralph Lauren have been going unnoticed because of the amount of customers Rachel has. They are suing her for $50k, since the dress cost $10k and they are upset that she quit on such short notice.

Rachel digs through her clothes for hours trying to find the dress, but to no luck. It has not yet been sold, and she can’t figure out why she can’t find the dress. Eventually she gives up and calls a lawyer one of her friends recommended because Ralph Lauren is getting mad.

When Emma comes home, Rachel asks her to look for the dress as well, with no luck. She tells Emma she needs to find the dress right away, but doesn’t tell her the severity.

They continue looking for the dress, and Rachel speaks with her lawyer and a friend about options. Rachel checks with all of her friends to make sure she didn’t loan out the dress to one of them.

Episode four ends with Saal (the lawyer from Breaking Bad) speaking with Rachel in his office. Saal tells Rachel that the paperwork she signed prohibited her from selling Ralph Lauren’s items, she is in the wrong, and the only thing to do is pay the money or return the dress.

Episode 5:

The episode opens with Rachel still panicking, trying to get the money together to pay Ralph Lauren since she can’t find the dress anywhere. She is trying to take out loans and work with the lawyer about the best way to go about so much money.

Emma sees her mom this stressed about the dress and is confused why she is so frantic, since Rachel didn’t tell Emma about the money.

At school, Emma sees her best friend wearing the missing dress. She confronts her friend since Rachel has been so upset about it. Her friend, who Emma idolizes and has more power in the friendship, brushes it off saying Rachel was cool and would be fine with it. Emma doesn’t know what to do, and doesn’t want to tell Rachel because it might ruin the better relationship they have been having. Emma and her friend get into an argument, and Emma comes home upset.

Since both Emma and Rachel are beyond stressed about their respective problems, they both spend the evening in their rooms. The episode ends with Rachel pacing in her phone, debating calling Ross for help, and Emma worried in her room about what to do about the dress.

Episode 6:

The next morning is a weekend and Emma wakes up late, still upset about the fight she had with her friend so she picks a petty fight with Rachel. Rachel finally caves and says she cannot fight with Emma anymore, and reveals that she is going to pay Ralph Lauren the money today, so they may have to be stingy for a while. Emma finally realizes the severity of the dress situation.

When Rachel goes to speak with her lawyer, Emma sneaks out of the apartment and goes to her friend’s apartment. Her friend’s mom lets her in, but her friend is not there. Emma plans on stealing the dress back so that the two don’t have to fight again. However, just as Emma is leaving, her friend comes back. The two get into a major argument and her friend tries to take the dress back. Emma finally ignores the uneven power dynamic, and leaves the house with the dress, ending the friendship.

Emma is shown running home through the busy streets of New York City as Rachel gets dressed to go into the meeting with her lawyer. Right as Rachel is opening the door to leave, Emma runs up the building with the dress in hand. Rachel is overjoyed and doesn’t ask where Emma found it, as she is already late for the meeting. She leaves with the dress.

Later, Rachel returns home relieved that the money is safe. She sees that Emma is upset though, and Emma reveals that she has just lost her best friend. Rachel asks if Emma is upset about it, and Emma reveals she is actually a bit relieved the toxic relationship is through.

The pair sit down on the couch to spend the night together, bonding, when Rachel’s phone rings. She answers it to find a reporter on the other end, asking to interview her for an article about the success of her store. He specifically compliments the pictures and the design of the eBay site, the part that Emma helped with. Rachel agrees to do the interview, only if she can bring her ‘business partner’, Emma, along to speak as well and… the end.

Yours truly,


P.s. For any script outline connoisseurs out there don’t judge this too hard, it was my first time writing anything and I only had two days to do it during finals week. I hope to revisit this in the future to add in more secondary characters to enhance the storyline more.


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