Google Keep [Reviewed]

If someone was ever looking for incriminating evidence to put me away, they would have to look no further than Google Keep. Google Keep is a notes app powered by Google, which I use because I can access it from my phone or computer. Oftentimes I’ll wake up in the middle of the night, scribe something down convinced it will be the next million-dollar idea, only to wake up the next morning and find an incoherent string of letters.

Last semester, I was set on getting blacklisted by a fraternity on campus. I sat with my friend Blakely in the dining hall and began to brainstorm ways I could make this a reality. The only thing I could remember people getting blacklisted for during my copious amount of high school history classes was being a suspected communist. We quickly lost interest when unable to think of anything else. That means I currently have a note in Google Keep that is titled, “Getting blacklisted by a frat” where the only content is, “alleged communist”.

My roommate keeps a running list of the names of boys, and the initial reason she began falling in love with them. “Ben, February 2021, he offered me his hand when I tripped over the curb.” 

“Jason, April 2021, he was mean to me in class”

“Diego, October 2022, he told me I needed to study more if I didn’t want to fail the exam.”

I’m hoping that one day she can read through her Google Keep and realize she has horrible taste in men.

Yours truly,



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